Sunday, December 19, 2010

Competition Cheer Pictures!!

December 11,2010

This is Kaitlyn's team. How cute are they...

Kaitlyn loves this so much.

Kaitlyn's Team getting ready to preform..

This is Courtney's team. Courtney is way in the back. They are getting ready to go on the floor.

Courtney at competition.

Courtney and Kaitlyn. They had so much fun out there on the floor.

Cute Sisters....
It was crazy busy. This is only half of the gym full of people. It was alot of fun watching all the teams compete. Courtney's team took 1st in her group. Kaitlyn's team got 2nd place. I was so proud of them. Go Girls!!!!


Max and Mark getting there Yellow belt. They take karate together. It is alot of fun for them to be together.
Max loves it so much.
Mark and Max after getting there belts.

So Family PicturesCourtney and I. I love this girl she is like my best friend. Sweet girl.
I don't want her to grow up.

Daddy and his Boy. Max loves his dad they are best friends.

This is our sweet little Kaitlyn. She is our little gymnasts. She brings so much joy into our home.

Isabelle is such a sweet girl. She loves to make you laugh. Isabelle loves to play with her big sister Kaitlyn. We love having her in our home.

Christian LOVES his grandpa. He is the most loving little boy ever. Christian brings so much joy into our home. Everyone loves the baby.

The Cressler Family 2010....

These are the most sweetest grandparents ever. We love them so much. SO SO cute....

Yes, Grandma and grandpa are a great part of our lives. My kids love them so much. They are so good to them.

Daddy and his beautiful girls.

Mom and her handsome boys.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

That is my baby.He is so well loved in the house, eveyone loves him. Can you say spoiled.

I could take pictures of him all day long. He is so cute. Christian loves to
be outside and he can open my doors, so we have to lock them.
Isabelle's Pre School Graduation!!! I love that little girl. She brings so much joy into our home and she is full of life.
Isabelle and her teacher Miss Sheryl.

Pinewood Derby!!That is Max's car he called it the Fire Dragon.

This is his competition
Max got 4Th place. I was so proud of him he was exited.

This is the track. His is the orange one the Fire Dragon. Way to go Max.
Max looks forward to this every year. It is really fun to see all the different cars.

The Boys!!!!!Max and Buddy!!! Max love that dog.The Boys!!! Christian could ride on the motor cycle all day long. When Mark gets home Christian runs to the door and says "ride ride" till you take him.

Max and Kaleb are the Best of buddies..
They could play all the time. I love that they are cousins and best friends.